A Week’s Worth of Tweets for 2009-06-19

  • Twitterific is still not working-isn’t life difficult? I supposose I will simply have to move on. To prayer, the word, and sermon prep. #
  • Just got Enfield’s new album “Back to Calvary” on lala.com. Grateful for their ministry, praying for the concert at #resolved tonight. #
  • Listening to Leeland and Enfield while finishing up my sermon for tomorrow evening. #
  • Is the #resolved livestream working? I’m not getting anything on my end. Trying once more … #
  • Cleaning up the home office-finishing up the day. Soon headed to bed. Sunday is always a long but edifying day. #
  • Preparing for the day-prayer, reviewing the passages being taught, a few more tweaks to the sermon-prepping for music. Full day ahead. #
  • Off to church-ready to fellowship with the Lord and His people. #
  • Great day at church-enjoyed lunch with the family. Now for a quick nap. #
  • Listening to: ? Enter This Temple – Leeland http://lala.com/zonI – preparing for the evening service. #
  • ? How Wonderful – Leeland http://lala.com/zyzY- great song! #
  • RT: @Twitterrific: In a holding pattern while we await the approval of Twitterrific 2.0.2 which fixes issues w/ the Twitpocalypse bug. #
  • RT @Twitterrific: Status blurb at the Iconfactory on the 2.0.2 release has been updated – http://bit.ly/99yGW Thanks once again #
  • Home from an edifying time together in worship. I’m so very thankful for the word of God and it’s impact upon my heart. #
  • Up to meditate on the word and pray-reading from Luke, Philippians, Psam 119, and 1 Kings. #
  • To the gym-it’s been too long. This looks to be painful, but I’m sure helpful in the long run, right? #
  • Great pastors’ meeting this morning-now for lunch and the Meet the Press Netcast-ooohhwee! #
  • Ministry projects-admin-fun, fun, fun! #
  • Home to play with the fam. #
  • Great dinner with the girls-about time for bath and bed. #
  • Bed-now. #
  • Could not sleep for the past hour and a half-I suppose I should get up and do something productive. First up-to think on the word and pray. #
  • To the gym! Two days in a row?! #
  • At the office-more projects to work through all day long. First e-mail, phone calls, then projects. Here we go . . . #
  • Dad’s night home with the girls while mom’s at Bible study-dinner is done and now time to play. #
  • No iPhone update yet. Just caught up on the headlines. Now prayer and the word. #
  • I luv TweetDeck 4 twtter-It is now on the iPhone & is awsm! It’s my new twtter client keeping everything in sync-even includes Facebook #
  • To the gym! Day 3. #
  • In the study-reading articles, preparing to study the entire book of Romans for a single sermon on the whole book. #
  • iPhone 3.0 is now available. It’s downloading now. Whoohoo – Back to Romans. #
  • 3.0 is live on “Bret Capranica’s iPhone” cool. Taking a break to play (20 minutes only): http://yfrog.com/5fkl6cj #
  • Time to break for lunch. It got very quiet in the house. The children must be eating. Time for me to join them. #
  • Ok-basic outline and direction put together for Sunday’s sermon-time to join the family for dinner. #
  • Watching NCSI-don’t know If i’m really a fan yet. #
  • Up to pray and read through 1Kings-a book that challenges my heart so deeply. #
  • RT @drmoore: realizes as the years go by I’m finding Baptist squabbles more Corinthian than Chalcedonian, and that’s not a good thing. #
  • First up this morning-some reading, then DMin editing-wow, more excitement than anyone should be exposed to. #
  • Headed to the church office for a series of meetings through the afternoon. #
  • Home from a long day ready to play with the girls #
  • Checking the headlines and about to read from 2 Kings and a few moments in prayer. #
  • Just finished my sermon for Sunday evening. Now to answer some mail and do some DMin (aka demon) work. #

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Author: Bret Capranica

I am married to Kelly (thecapranicavilla.wordpress.com) and Pastor-Teacher of Summit Woods Baptist Church, Lee's Summmit, MO (summitwoodschurch.org)

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