For a number of months I’ve been mentally toying with the idea of moving to the world of Mac and abandoning the world of Windows. I’ve had four PC laptops in the past five years and this morning Kel tells me she thinks we need to reinstall Windows on her machine – a multi-day process for a guy who really does not have multi-days to do it.

Just curious: Emotions run high when people start debating the pros and cons of Windows vs. Mac-so I’m not really interested in mere displays of bravado for either side. But I want to know, from a pastoral ministry and/or even a practical standpoint, which is more profitable – or if the switch is really all that helpful.

Mac or PC? Why?

Phil Johnson’s chronicle of his own personal saga causes me to seek your input today:  Pyromaniacs: My Turn: This Is Where I’ve Been Lately

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