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Great Commission Resurgence Resources

I am preparing my mind and hopefully my heart as well for what God is doing in the Southern Baptist Convention through the Great Commission Resurgence.  I am hopeful, but still wanting to know more.  So, this post will be a parking lot for compiling what I think are significant resources across the web that address this subject.  I’m interested in reading all the angles and sides on this issue, so my linking here does not mean my own endorsement of any particular persuasion.  I am favorable to the GCR’s work and am trying to be diligent in digesting its implications and thinking (even discussing) through them. If you know of significant resources, please leave them in the comments or e-mail me.  I’m happy to take a look. Background: Timmy Brister, “The Backstory to the Great Commission Resurgence“ Information: The Official Great Commission Resurgence Website Commentary: Baptist Messenger Video Interviews (some interesting GCR interviews you will find here) Baptist Press Articles on “Great Commission Task Force” Tom Ascol, “My Take on the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report“ Tom Ascol, “Why Southern Baptists Need a Great Commission Resurgence“ Bart Barber, “How to Resurge“ Todd Benkert,”Thoughts on GCR Component # 2 – NAMB Refocus“ David Dockery Podcast on GCR Nathan Finn, “The Spiritual and the Structural Coincide:  Some Thoughts on the GCR.” Nathan Finn,... read more

What Will I Preach? (part 1)

In a recent conversation with a group of pastors, we were listening to each other discuss how we determine what we will preach. Here’s a few of the ideas that govern my sermon selection: 1. Annual Planning. In late fall each year, Kelly, the kids and I get away for about a half week. We each take turns watching the kids for half of a day to allow the other to spend some time alone to pray, think, and plan. This is the time that I normally plan out my preaching schedule for the following year. The details of this would comprise another blog post. Suffice it to say that after listing each week of the year, I think through how I plan to preach the major book I am expositing. I then plan out a number of topical messages, and think through calendar items such as vacation, holidays, and major church events that would effect my preaching schedule. Obviously, this annual calendar is interrupted by the unplanned issues like sickness, or events in church and family life that necessitate a change. But it is a helpful tool throughout the year that helps me provide some guidance to the Scriptural diet I provide the flock. 2. Every Genre. I heard from another pastor how he made it his aim to try and preach through each major genre of Scripture each year. I love the idea and have tried to follow it for a few years. So, I will plan a short series or one message here and there through the year from which I will cover an Old Testament... read more

Great Commission Resurgence Reports

Last June, the Southern Baptist Convention authorized the President of the Convention to appoint a task force that would essentially re-imagine how we operate and function.  Thus was born the Great Commission Task Force. Last week, the Task Force’s first report was given.  Kelly and I watched it together just after it was released.  I have yet to form significant opinions (significant as an ordinary pastor can have) worth public comment about it, and will be giving more time to reading the report and talking to some involved.  I am excited for possible changes that will enhance our focus as a Convention, and concerned about how the implications of the Task Force will be applied.  The Task force will present its final report in a few months and it will be considered at the June annual meeting in Orlando. Below is the video report of the Task force. GCR Progress Report from GCR on Vimeo. Here is the written report. Albert Mohler posted some thoughts on it today. Any thoughts from any of you as of... read more

6 Reasons Ordinary Pastors May Benefit From the iPad

I’ve been waiting for something like this – a handheld device that I could consume information very easily and most comfortably.  Apple may have done it and I think it will have a number of benefits for those in pastoral ministry. If you missed it, here’s the video of the new Apple iPad: Will/Should ordinary pastors and people use the newly unveiled Apple iPad? This pastor probably will, and I think many, many will also. The Kindle has been a big draw among many in ministry and I can’t help but think that the iPad will be another Apple technological game-changer.  Here’s a few reasons why I think so: 1. Magazines/Newspapers can now survive.  The only reason I subscribe to a print newspaper right now, is because my wife wants the coupons from the Sunday paper.  I NEVER read the print paper.  But I do subscribe to a number of newspaper and magazine RSS feeds.  In fact, I can subscribe to the sections of the paper I want and skip the rest.  I noticed that my wife was already starting to clip coupons from the internet.  Outisde of my wife’s coupon newspaper, I no longer have any subscriptions to any print publications – and I don’t miss the mess.  However, I would be interested in reading papers and magazines on an electronic device that I could hold in my hand and was bigger than my iPhone.  Especially if I could cut and paste quotes and sections into Evernote and tag them.  That would help me in quickly clipping, filing, and finding quotes and illustrations for sermons and doing so... read more

2009 Capranica Clan Year in Review

While in the process of making our annual family DVD to give to family & close friends, I put together this little pictorial review of all the goings on in our family.  It has been quite an emotional year as a family.  Major high points and some deep moments of trial.  When 2009 began, we could never have imagined what the Lord had in store.  We end 2009 with unbelievably grateful hearts. [YouTube Video] The professional photos were done by the incomparable... read more

Praying for Our City at a Unique Time

This evening, I had the privilege to pray at our city Council meeting.  This was the second occasion I have enjoyed this honor.  I was asked to deliver the invocation just before it was publicly revealed that 4 of our 5 Councilmen have been indicted for political corruption. Tonight was the Council’s first meeting since the indictments were handed down. I saw it as my task to simply bring our collective conscience before God – and plead for His grace to oversee the proceedings with mercy, and for all involved to conduct themselves with honor and integrity.  Below is the text of my prayer: Our God and our Father, How grateful we are that this meeting can begin with an appeal for you to be uniquely present in this meeting of our city council. These particular days and this particular meeting reflects numerous and distinct challenges for our city and its leadership.  These challenges remind us that we are in need of someone greater than ourselves to navigate our way.  Your knowledge is complete, ours is not.  Your wisdom is perfect, ours is far from it.  Your answers are without error, while ours are full of human limitation.  That”™s why we invoke your specific and unique presence in this meeting.  Grant us a consciousness that we stand before our creator first and foremost in what we do and what we say. We ask for your grace to be full in its display among our city leaders this evening.  May their minds be guided by principles that would reflect your righteousness.  May their speech be reflective of the humility of... read more
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