Tweets for 2010-03-20

  • RT @tferriss: So true. "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." – Abraham Lincoln #
  • RT @edstetzer: I think it is goofy that we all change our clocks like sheep– who gave the government power over time?! Good night. #
  • Up to seek the Lord. Praying. Reading. Responding. Preparing my heart for a day of fellowship. #
  • Ice on the windshield this morning-what's up with that? I thought it got a little chilly last night. Oh the woes of living in SoCal. #
  • Going live now, Justin Peters and Living Stones Bible Study Fellowship: #
  • Enjoyed the morning of fellowship, now headed home for a quick lunch, then back for more. #
  • Missing Papa's bday party-about to meet with a preaching intern. #
  • So enjoyed worship and fellowship tonight. Just caught with Kel on Papa's bday party-so sorry to miss it. Now to bed-good & exhausting day. #
  • At the office preparing for my three meetings today. Monday is for meetings-not a day off-why would I want to feel this bad on my day off ;) #
  • Home from a long day-ready to tackle the kids as mom goes out for some errands. Can I avoid another FBE episode this week? #
  • Survived-no FBE-but just barely. Bed-time for me. #
  • Praising, thanking, interceding, and seeking the Lord this morning. Finding great refreshment in Christ this morning. #
  • O Lord…order things that they may neither hinder, nor discourage me, nor prove obstacles to the progress of thy cause. #VoV #
  • My neglect of exercise is taking it's toll; my resumption of execise is about to express it's displeasure. #
  • Yep, that hurt; I'm sure it was soooo good for me though. #
  • Fun time rough-housing with the girls while the boys watched and plotted on me for their time to jump dad. It won't be long. #
  • Enjoying a quiet morning after a great night of rest. Reading, praying, and confronting excuses not to hit the gym. #
  • About to teach my class on how to study the Bible. Learning how to use the commentaries tonight. #
  • I so love seeing God's Word impact lives-mine and others around me. What a joyful privilege to serve such a gracious Savior. #
  • Ip late last night, up late this morning. Need to get to it! #
  • I am certain that I will see the Lord's goodness…Wait for the Lord; be courageous & let your heart be strong. Ps 27:13,14 #
  • Great morning of prayer, reading, meditating on the word, followed by a little exercise. Now at my desk plotting on the interns & DMin work #
  • Out the door for lunch with a great brother in ministry at a sister church-always enjoy the conversation. #
  • Fantastic afternoon talking ministry, Scripture, & life with some beloved brothers. Great eve with extended family-significant blessings! #
  • Foster Parent training tomorrow, so no day off today-to the work at hand! #
  • I have cast my anchor in the port of peace, knowing that present and future are in nail-pierced hands. #VoV #

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